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Water Heater Installations


Long, long ago, water heaters might have been regarded as a luxury, but they are crucial to everyday life. If they fail, it throws the whole house into a panic. That’s why when your water heater requires repairs, even a replacement, or simply minor maintenance, to maintain operating at maximum efficiency, Leading Plumbing Services, LLC ‘s specialist water heater services are only a phone call away.

With this much experience working on all makes and models of water heaters, our pristine customer service track record makes us the obvious choice for any homeowner that needs their hot water earlier rather than later.
These are some of the services we offer:


Water Heater Repairs


Some of the most common water heater repairs Leading Plumbing Services, LLC gets tasked with include:

Too little hot water. If your water tank is constantly running out of hot water, we can correct that for you easily without turning it into a scalding hazard.
No hot water. When there’s no hot water at all when you turn on the faucet, then there are many possible explanations, but it is probably there is an issue with the thermocouple or pilot light. If you don’t have training to repair your hot water heater, you’re better off allowing Leading Plumbing Services, LLC ‘s professionals to fix the problem for you.
Idaly M.
“He was outstanding I am very pleased with the work that he did he is kind and courteous extremely professional very honest I am very glad I found him if I ever need any more plumbing work I will definitely call him again best service ever.” Charles M.
“Very professional and timely. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Reasonable rates, fast service and very knowledgeable!” David F.
“Nerric provided excellent service at a very fair price. He was very professional and explained everything to us. He also was very neat and clean. He wore a mask and put shoe covers over his shoes. He also went out of his way to respond to our problem at the end of his day. I highly recommend him. “
Bad smelling water. If your hot water smells off when it comes from the tap, it could be infected with bacteria. In the case a rotten egg-like odor is overpowering every single time you turn on the hot water, then we can clean out your tank with a hydrogen peroxide solution. If the smell takes place when you turn in your cold water, the source is most likely not your water tank.
Noisy tank. If your water tank makes a clunking and banging sound, it could be that there is too much sediment at the bottom of it and the heating component is literally burning it off. It could also be that the heating element is burning out. Whenever the sound becomes increasingly loud and frequent, contact Leading Plumbing Services, LLC .

Residential Water Heater Installations and Repairs

Is it time to replace your old water heater? If you’ve got an aging or failing water heater, putting off replacing it may have expensive consequences for your home. When it’s become corroded and leaky over time, it could be eating up your energy bill, causing mold to grow into your house, or even running the risk of becoming an electrical danger.

At Leading Plumbing Services, LLC , we provide a complete variety of water heater installation services, so if you’re installing a brand-new water heater or just replacing one that is past its expiry date, we can assist. As a result of our years of experience installing water heaters, we can help you choose the perfect one for your house’s plumbing system and your typical water use, and frequently install it at the same time.
We can assist in the installation of:
  • Electric water heaters
  • Gas water heaters
  • Hybrid water heaters
  • Tank-less water heaters
Just pick up the phone and give us a call and we’ll be there to assist you.

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